Velkommen til Namdalen wilderness lodge.

Our lodge consists of five buildings. These are: Farmhouse, goahti, Hen-house, a barn and a sauna. All buildings have electricity, Fresh water from two wells.

Farmhouse: The farmhouse has a hallway, living room and kitchen on the ground floor. On the first floor are 3 sleeping rooms for a total of 10 persons. There are 3 double beds and 4 single/bunk-beds. In the living room and kitchen we’ve served groups of 20 persons.

Sauna: Sauna is a Finnish tradition and also very popular in northern Norway.
The sauna has electricity for lighting, a wood oven for heating and warm water.
Space for 8 persons. This is the lodges hygienic facility. This is how you maintain your personal hygiene in the wilderness.

Hen-House Restaurant: The “hen house” is our restaurant with space for 40 persons. Heated floor of slate stone. A huge Wood stove keeps the restaurant warm even when temperature reachess a chilling minus 40 in winter. This is where we serve breakfast, lunsj and dinner for groups.

Barn Hotel: The barn is rebuilt to a cosy building with 4 bedrooms. Electric toilet, TV-room / Bar for relaxing. Beds for 10-12 persons.

Gamme: The “gamme” is a traditional sami building. It is constructed of a frame of pine timber, then covered with turf. Sleeping room for 2 persons. It has electricity for lighting and heating . Circa 10 square meters. (Under construction, to be completed in 2012)

Sanitarian facilities: Our lodge has two bio toilets.

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